Assignment 3 – Landscape

My response to the brief for Assignment 3 – ‘Spaces to Places’, was comprised of the notion that without people (distinguishable or not) evident within a space, the space would remain only a collection of structures and objects making up a space, without any character. With the addition of people though, there would be a transformation from an inanimate scene, to a place; now with some semblance of soul.

However, I also felt I was following the brief a bit too literally and I aimed to play upon this relationship between these ‘empty spaces’ and the people inhabiting them; as well as more prominently, play upon the relationship between the different kinds of people inhabiting the spaces. This, I would suggest, adds further interest to the space by drawing the viewer’s eye into the relationship between the different kinds of people, within the eventual photograph; thereby creating a place.

My target audience would be mainly for people who knew London well; as the contrast between the flow of tourists and the various ‘still’ workers of London might be best appreciated by people, who had traversed the city (and other cities too) a lot, like me. They might also have picked up on a pattern like the one described above. However, I felt that the contrast would be so strong between these two ‘user groups’ of the city in the photographs, that many other observers of the photographs would notice this contrast and understand it; once they had seen this relationship between still and moving within the photographs.