Assignment 2 – Landscape

The main journey, which sprung to mind when reading the brief for Assignment 2 – Landscape – ‘A Journey’, was a trip I had made quite a few times before and was familiar with. This was my journey down to the seaside town of Brighton. Because it was quite a long journey, I felt there was enough potential to create a set of photos representing my journey to Brighton and I decided quite soon that this was the journey I wanted to photograph. It was quite practical for me to do so, which I felt was important, in case I had to conduct the journey multiple times or reshoot any photographs and I had a few ideas regarding certain stages of the journey. The most salient of these ideas, I’ve covered in my previous post: My Most Lucid Thoughts on Creative Landscape Photography Collated.. I would probably also utilise the long exposure technique to help create perceived movement within the photographs. This use of the long exposure technique would be  used to symbolise the lack of power on such a journey, where greater forces are at play or just that the actual journey is usually a blur of activity.

I also came to realise this journey, would be quite a busy one, with many people on certain stages of the journey, probably crossing a similar path to mine. For example the walk from Brighton train station down to the sea was a common one I had planned for, as well as a sense of general movement along the entirety of the journey, until the destination had been reached.

My target audience for this project would quite simply be the many people who make similar journeys to Brighton every summer in particular. This was because I felt they would hopefully be able to relate to most of the photographs and in sequence too; as Brighton became more and more pronounced within the frame of the project.